When we say Savage, what do we mean?
Thanks for asking!

Throughout evolution, if we were going to make it and pass on our DNA, we had to rise to the occasion. It was and always will be survival of the fittest. As a species, historically speaking, there has been times in which we survived out of desperation and fear resulting in making it but not in the most upstanding and integris ways.  We believe a new savage must arise which is one with grit and resilience, defying the odds and shifting the atmosphere with honor, truth and character uninfluenced by fear.  As one ventures into this lifestyle it is quickly learned that crushing the day without crushing others is not as easy as it sounds but it must be done for the greater good and for the best version of our selves, fully evolved humans. Those that love as hard as they fight and can accurately identify the enemy, not as each other but as the limits and systems established before our time.

So when we say Savage, we mean this new breed which we define as incorruptible, uncompromising and unrelenting on a mission to do what is good, healthy and loving.

The hard charging, fast moving and quick to pivot all while prioritizing relationships, rest, a healthy mind, and a healthy body is the life of a savage. There is a reason so few properly balance these scales but it IS possible! With the fortitude innately given to each of us paired with the resolve to see it though, you too can be a full time savage. 

Savage snacks is honored to support you with the proper fuel and motivation and we created these bites knowing your brain and your body need superfoods for your superpower.